Prayer Requested for Harmon Schmelzenbach Senior *** Update 03- Feb

Prayer is requested for Harmon Schmelzenbach Sr. currently residing with his wife in Florida.   He has been dealing with the deteriorating effects of Parkinson’s and has been taken to the hospital with a possible stroke.  Dr. Schmelzenbach is 80 years old, and is the father of Harmon Schmelzenbach, Field Strategy Coordinator for the Melanesia and South Pacific Field on the Asia-Pacific Region.

18-Jan-16 Update: 

The MRI’s are not showing conclusively that there either was or was not a stroke so the doctors are not certain what they are dealing with beyond just the reality of progressive Parkinson’s. They’ve found infection in his system and indication is that this could contribute to the symptoms.

Mrs. Beverly Schmelzenbach writes, “I really can feel the presence of God very close to me. Please let everyone know how much I appreciate their prayers!”

27-Jan-16 Update:

Harmon Schmelzenbach, Jr, Field Strategy Coordinator for Melanesia South Pacific Field sent in this update:

“The Schmelzenbach family greatly appreciates ongoing prayer for Harmon Sr. as evaluations of current treatment continues.”
03-Feb-16 Update:

Harmon Schmelzenbach, Jr. sent an update on his father’s condition this week:

“These last few days have seen significant improvement with dad’s situation and our family is deeply aware and appreciative of the great army of prayer warriors who have been lifting him before God’s throne!  Thank you so very much.”

4 thoughts on “Prayer Requested for Harmon Schmelzenbach Senior *** Update 03- Feb”

  1. I remember hearing you give a wonderful report at the Akron, OH (East Ohio) District when we were teenagers… same age…you were seated in front of me. While you were talking, the lady next to you set her purse on top of your Bible. When you came back you, quickly and very discreetly, moved it off your Bible. so touched me that, since then, nothing ever was placed on my “Word Of God”.
    Thank you for all your years of service to our Lord.
    Praying for you at this time.
    Bettie Stouffer Woodcook

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