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Prominent New Zealand Pastor Passes – Please Commit to Pray

Auckland, New Zealand:  The New Zealand District and the Asia-Pacific Region are grieving the sudden death of one of its outstanding pastors on Sunday, January 24th, 2016. Pastor Vipul Kharat was on holiday in his home town of Buldana, India, when he suffered severe back pain.  His brother, Moses, a medical doctor, rushed him to the hospital, but he suffered a second heart attack and passed away almost instantly.  He is survived by his wife Suzanne and his 12 year old son Sameer.

Born on 30 November 1963, in Buldhana बुलढाणा, Vipul was a 3rd generation Nazarene, being a grandson of Rev. Waman H. Kharat, one of the first Indians to be ordained an elder in the church of the Nazarene in November 1937, by General Superintendent Dr. J.B. Chapman.  Vipul was a younger son of former Nazarene District Superintendent and Bible Training School principal Rev. D.M. and Vishranti Kharat.

Vipul, Suzanne, and Sameer
Vipul, Suzanne, and Sameer

Vipul has been the pastor of the All Nations Church of the Nazarene in Auckland, New Zealand, for the past 23 years.  When he went there as a newly married 28-year-old pastor, it was a small, elderly, mostly caucasian congregation.  During the years that followed the church was transformed into a vibrant, multicultural congregation, which in turn has given birth to several other language-driven congregations.

Pastor Vipul was a dynamic preacher with a great love for people.  He touched the lives of all classes of society from homeless people to scientists with PhDs.   He was in demand as a speaker and teacher especially in the area of contextualisation and how to reach people of other faiths with the transforming grace of God.  Vipul was a graduate of the Nazarene Theological College in Brisbane, Australia.

Service Schedules are as follows:

  • The All Nations Church will be open for viewing on Friday Morning, January 29th, from 11 am onwards throughout the afternoon.
  • There will be a “Family Service” at All Nations on Friday evening starting at 7 pm.
  • Life Church - Venue for Funeral Service
    Life Church – Venue for Funeral Service

    The funeral service will be on Saturday, January 30th, at  1 pm at Life Church, 60 Rockfield Road, Penrose. This is a large venue that can seat over 400 people. (Click on this link for Directions)

  • After the service there will be a cup of tea and light refreshments. Vipul’s body will then be taken for burial.

Please commit to keep the Kharat Family, the Church Family, and all of those impacted by Vipul’s sudden passing, in your prayers.

Submitted: Neville Bartle NZ District, John Moore ANZ Field Strategy Coordinator  

26 thoughts on “Prominent New Zealand Pastor Passes – Please Commit to Pray”

  1. Oh my! He will be missed , Viper! It was a very enriching experience, though brief, talking to him and his vision for the church during our stop over in Jakarta, after the eMerge Conference in Yogyakarta in October!

    Praying for his family and the church!

  2. So sad to hear this news today. Vipul will be greatly missed around the region. May God give comfort to his family and his church and community.

  3. Have fond memories of Vipul’s when he was studying at NTC and visited local churches with ministry teams. Condolences to his family and our NZ brothers and sisters. All of whom will miss him dearly,

  4. Our hearts and prayers go to out for the family and church community. What a joy to have met this man of God and to spend time with him. At times like this, only God understands and we grieve with AP. Our hope is in Christ. Laurie Watton

  5. I have met brother Vipul 3 years ago when the Holy Spirit directed me to his All Nations Church of Nazarene after going to a number of churches around the Mt Eden area. I came across a pastor who has shown humility, soft spoken yet powerful when he preaches with his sense of humor. From then till now in his sudden departure, a sense of loss and sadness overwhelmed me and my brothers and sisters in Nazarene for a man who is so gentle and loving towards the homeless, sick and needy, I understood that brother Vipul truly walks with Jesus of Nazarene in the same manner as me, both led by the Holy Spirit, and my ministry in Facebook for the Great Commission. Matthew24 , 1Corinthians2 Farewell. ..till we meet again brother Vipul. .”For this is not my home, I am just a traveller passing through”. Condolences Suzanne, Sameer and the Kharat family. Bob Moo NZ

  6. RIP, Rev Vipul
    May the good Lord shower his peace and strength to the bareved family, specially to Suzanne & Samir.

  7. I posted earlier a comment to pay tribute to brother Vipul…apparently you did not put it up. I leave to you administrator….it is not important to me what you do as only God’s ways are the ways of Jesus ..not man’s. “For My thoughts are higher than your thoughts..and My Ways higher than your ways…Just as the Heavens are higher than the earth…so are My Thoughts higher than yours and my Ways yours…” amen. God Bless Isaiah55:8-9 , 1John2:3-6 Bob Moo Agape <3

  8. Dear Everyone,

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Our sincerest gratitude for including Ptr. Vipul’s family and the New Zealand church in your prayers. God bless you always.

    Yours and His,

  9. I was suffering from life threatening health issues. In one of his short visit to India n from his busy schedule he visited my home in Mumbai n prayed for me. I was touched by his gesture of helping stranger like me. It’s rare. My heart goes to his family. May God gives his family strength to overcome this great loss.

  10. Very fondly remembering Vipul from his NTC days when we shared rich times of fellowship. Our thoughts are with his family.

  11. A very shocking news I heard from a friend. he is a big loss to us. A good leader and a good friend in the ministry. I met him in the Philippines 2012, we talked about ministry for this generation. And that day, was a meaningful to both of us. Indeed a blessing to me. Then Secondly, During his visit to Philippines, December 2015, unexpectedly my last meeting to Vipul. It was his conference with newly leaders in the Nazarene. I was very excited to see him when i met in the Nazareth hall of Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. he spent 3 hours for a talk. We, both miss each other. Then, after I left he gave something to me and I gave him a hugged. I thanked God for his life. To his family, May the Lord give you comfort and strength as you face this difficult circumstances. My condolences to everyone. -Pastor Johnrey Bonus, Nazarene Pastor in the Philippines.

  12. Vipul, I don’t remember meeting him. But he and Silas, two people the Lord called fro Buldana to motivate, encourage and help to many young people from their families and many others. I am one of them a missionary to Bihar for the last 25 years. I visited Buldana 28 years before. My prayers are with his family.

  13. Vipul – you are the true servant of God, who can understand the pain and need of others. Your death is a great lost of people who are in need of many ways.

    Praying for your family and the church members who are grieving. May the Lord grant peace and joy in this painful time.

    Can’t get throgh the fact that you are gone from here. But I know that one day we will meet again in heaven.

  14. I lost one of my best friends. Rev. Vipul and myself with other friends grew up together in Nazarene Church, Washim. We shared Sunday School, VBS and Children’s retreats while growing up. We were together in NYI retreats and church activities. Will miss him till we meet around the THRONE with our Friend Jesus. Love you Vipul! May the peace of God be with family!

  15. Vipul was an exceptional student at Nazarene Theological College in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Emmalyn and I are so very sorry to hear of his death. We last saw him in India in 2008. He was family to us. Our great heart of love and compassion goes out to his family and church.

  16. I have known vipul for 14 years. He was our lecturer in fowey lodge. He was kind supportive loving and God fearing person. Vipul has helped and lead many people to Christ. God has given and God has taken away. He is with our Heavenly Father rejoicing. We are missing his presence in this world but it will be a great day when we meet him in heaven. We are just pilgrims passing by

  17. I did not know this man but can see how very influencial he has been to so many!! I once went on a mission trip with a “Sully” who was a Nazarene from New Zealand. I’m wondering if this pastor knew Sully? Condolences to your precious family and friends!

  18. It is a very sad and shocking news for us all. Vipul, we didn’t personally meet but his parents are our close relations. We often heard from Rev . Avinash Raiborde and members of his church here in Atlanta USA, about Pastor Vipul and his great ministral work at the Church of the Nazarene in Auckland NZ. Our heart, mind and thoughts go out for the bereaved family in their great loss. Our heartfelt condolences specially to Vipul’s wife Suzanne and son Samir, and Vipul’s parents Rev. D M Kharat & Vishrantibai. Lord our compassionate and gracious God, console their minds with His peace in this tragic time in life.

  19. It is a very sad and shocking news go us all, we didn’t personally meet Vipul, but his parents are. Our close relations. our heart, mind and thoughts go out for the bereaved family in their great loss. Our heartfelt condolences, specially to Vipul’s wife Suzanne and son Samir and Vipul’s parents Rev. D.M. Kharat & Visharantibai. Lord our greacious God console their minds in this tragic time in life.

  20. It was very shocking and heart breaking news. We met Pastor Vipul Kharat in Auckland, New Zealand, during our mission trip. He was very excited of our coming and welcomed us with great hospitality and honor. I had preached in his church. He arranged a gathering of Marathi speaking Christians one evening. On a very short notice about 45 people attended the meeting. I sang Marathi Bhajans along with playing Tabla and preached in Marathi. It was an awesome meeting.

    During that time Pastor Vipul’s parents were there as well. Pastor Vipul’s mother cooked very tasty authentic Maharashtrian food for us. It was so good to have home food away from home in Auckland. We had blessed and very fruitful ministry in Auckland and very wonderful time with Pastor Vipul and his parents.

    Pastor Vipul had a very successful ministry. He served the Lord out of his passionate love for the Lord. He was not interested in any position or title. He just wanted to be found faithful in the sight of the Lord. He has made great impact in that region through his powerful leadership and humility to win many souls for the Kingdom of God.

    He will be greatly missed. It is a great loss for the people he was ministering. We express our deep condolences and keep his family in our prayers. May the Lord comfort all his loved ones with His divine peace that passes all understanding. May He envelop them in His loving arms and fill their hearts with His presence.

    With love & prayers,

    Rev. & Mrs. Avinash Raiborde
    Atlanta, GA (USA)

  21. Dear Everyone,

    Our sincerest thanks for your heartwarming words for Ptr. Vipul; thank you for including him, his family and the New Zealand church in your prayers.


  22. It is a shocking news in deed! I met him for the first and last time in 2015 in Philippines. We could talk like an old friends talking . His friendliness, kindness and brotherliness impressed me. Though it was a short time to meet him, it could remain as a good memory. However, though it seems a big loss, it is a glory day for him to meet his God whom he had served for many years.

  23. I am so sorry to hear this grieving news. I just met him during AP Regional Think-Tank at APNTS, Manila last December 14-18. Vipul was friendly and bright in conversation as well. He knew how to cheer up friends happily and he had good hospitality and compassionate heart on friends and God’s service. Vipul is one of our contextualization group members who were working for research papers for Think-Tank. We will miss him but he was with God where there is no any loss and grief.

    It is still in my memory the day on the way back home at the Manila airport, we were in one vehicle and shared and laughed though it was a typhoon and rainy day, we didn’t notice it. He is a good friend even during a short meet. I send here my honest prayers to his dear family and his church members-May the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the peace from our eternal Lord be with them forever.

  24. I was well acquainted with Rev. Wamanrao Kharat during my childhood in Buldana, Berar, Central Provinces, India.

    Regrettably I did not meet Pastor Vipul during a visit to New Zealand’s South Island in the late 1990s, nor did I meet any family members during my visit to Buldana in the early 1990s.

    Rev. Paul W. Beals, PhD
    Huntsville, Alabama USA

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